PFM experts work with ranchers to reestablish shelterbelts (wind breaks) lost to wild fire

PFM forest and range specialists are working with local ranchers and producers to reestablish shelter belts, some almost 100 years old, in the wake of the Pautre fire from April 4, 2013.  The shelter belts were hard hit by fire and are difficult to reestablish when they are gone.  Ranchers … Continue reading

Range Specialist and forester Van Elsbernd consults with Great Plains producers

Professional Forest Management’s Van Elsbernd, Co-Owner and a principal expert in a wide array of natural resources and environmental policy and practice, consults with producers, ranchers, farmers, and land owners on a host of issues.  His expertise comes from over 40 years of public and private service, first as a … Continue reading

Important Wild Fire Litigation Settled

                  A recent wild fire that damaged a number of private properties was recently settled, in part thanks to the efforts of PFM’s group of integrated natural resources and expert witnesses who prepared the main documents analyzing fire effects and making recommendations … Continue reading