Expert Witnesses – Fires, forests, and range land ecology

The integrated team at PFM, LLC, is rapidly becoming among the leading sources of expert witnesses for legal teams who need prompt, expert, well documented analysis and opinions on law suits, Federal Tort Claims Act processes using the SF-95 process, and other matters related to natural resources and environmental policy and management.

Clients have included prominent law firms in Wyoming and South Dakota and international firms representing the government of Australia.  These firms represent companies in the Fortune 500 and important local companies, agencies, and private parties.  PFM’s integrated approach, from land appraisal to ecological delineation to solidly documented recommendations for restoration, reclamation, and recovery are setting the standard for wild fire impact analysis in the Northern Great Plains including ponderosa pine forests, mixed grass prairie, tall grass prairie, and the many ecosystems associated with the Great Plains.

Please call to discuss clients and outcomes of recent cases.

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