What We Do

Whether you’re a homeowner, a company or a government agency, you want to protect your land from wildfires and keep your property free of pine beetles.  We help you do that.  Professional Forest Management, LLC provides consultation, management, and on-the-ground services to individual property owners, businesses, government officials, and others that want to keep their forest and range lands clean, healthy and protected from hazards.  We serve clients in 11 Western states and Alaska.  Our expertise has saved companies and individual millions of dollars in fees and claims.

Contact us today to get started!  We’ll consult with you on your property and needs, and work with you to provide the right service at the right time for the right reasons. Our comprehensive list of contacts, contractors, and experts allow us to help you find the precision you need to fall a hazardous tree or defend your railroad or power company from specious and harmful claims.






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