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Professional Forest Management has the expertise and the connections to help you with wildfire mitigation and litigation, mountain pine beetle mitigation, tree thinning, slash disposal, and practical forestry and grasslands management.

With over 250 clients, we are among the top ten forestry coordinators, consultants, expert witnesses, and service providers in the Black Hills region and across the Western United States.

We provide expert advice to private and public landowners and organizations such as railroad and power companies, legal teams, academic and agency clients. We advise on natural resources tort claims, private land management issues and political issue management.  We provide project management for complex fire issues including liability, appropriate fire suppression and management response, fire effects for companies, agencies and private parties.

We work closely with specialized tree service providers to help you thin trees and manage your forest by mulching with tree handling equipment and highly trained technicians who accomplish a wide variety of work to thin trees, protect trees and fire-proof communities.

We are experts in falling hazard trees and in capturing value from trees you love but may lose for a variety of reasons.

Frank Carroll, Partner

Van Elsbernd, Partner

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Our integrated interdisciplinary teams of experts help you understand forestry, rangeland, and fire management complexities and provide one stop service to give you the best professional counsel available across the Western United States, whether it be understanding forest dynamics or the outcomes and costs of wildfire impacts, tangible and intangible.



Full Service Forest Management based in South Dakota

Meet Frank and Van of Professional Forest Management

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