Wildfire Expert Witnesses

What we do – Wildfire Expert Witnesses

We provide the full suite of expertise to help you analyse, review files, collect field data, and write the reports you need to answer plaintiffs, or to make your case against those who start fires that affect you. ¬†Our interdisciplinary integrated approach and collaborative association of the world’s best experts in wildfire effects on air, water, soils, flora, and fauna ensure you get what you need to carry your case forward.

We also provide expertise in the Federal Tort Claims Act in assisting you to prepare SF-95s to claim damages caused by the wrongful acts of federal employees.

Contact us at (Frank) 605.440.2039 frank@professionalforestmanagement.com

or (Van) at 970.219.9363 van@professionalforestmanagement.com

for more information

Firms represented:

Norton Rose Australia

Paul Kapp of Cheyenne, WY

Lynn Jackson of Rapid City, SD

LeClair Ryan of San Francisco, CA

FTCA Cases (SF-95)

Myrtle Fire, Custer, SD 2012 (seven clients)

Pautre Fire, Lemmon, SD 2013 (16 clients)

Custer Highlands Fire, Custer, SD 2013






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